Message from the Vice Principal

Mrs. Naila Farrukh
Vice Principal

We at Kingston College strive to provide the best standards of education to our students and help them to become lifelong learners. Our management, faculty and staff are wholly dedicated to bring in a positive change in society by producing exceptional citizens. We believe our children to be the most valuable asset for the progress and prosperity of our country. Kingston College aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, risk taking, and compassionate students, who serve their community, society and the world with determination, passion, honesty and sensitivity by becoming lifelong learners, open-minded individuals and enlightened global citizens.

Kingston College provides the best learning opportunities to young minds by providing them with the best standards of academics, sports, curricular & extracurricular facilities. We create a school community that develops further a three-way partnership between students, parents and school.

I wish to see you to become a part of our school community and take part in a journey that will form a progressive and prosperous society.

Why Choose Kingston College?

  • Campus designed for over 3000 students with separate block for boys and girls post grade 5
  • An authorized International Baccalaureate World School for IB-PYP Programme with IB Certified renowned foreign and local faculty
  • One of the fewer schools in Pakistan with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) integrated into the curriculum
  • After school support classes to discourage the tuition culture
  • Sports and physical education clubs catering to different age groups
  • Development of life and social skills
  • High quality standards that ensure global acceptability and competitiveness
  • Strict monitoring of students’ activities through high resolution CCTV cameras
  • International standard facilities at an affordable fee structure
  • Sibling concessions being offered.

Our Salient Features


IB-PYP Certified Teachers


Satisfied Parents


IB School in Lahore outside DHA

Parents’ Testimonials

Mrs. Rabbiya Waqas

Dr. Mehrin Farooq

Mr. Fraaz Aftab

Mrs. Ayesha Afzal

Affordable Fee Structure

Kingston College provides great value for money for their affordable fee structure in form of the following salient features,

  • Free swimming, yoga and music classes for the kids
  • Free after school support classes to discourage tuition culture
  • Free facility of Yoga and gymnasium for mothers
  • Air-conditioned/Heated classrooms
  • Interactive boards and technology integration in the classrooms
  • Facility of backup generators
  • Sibling concession being offered
  • 100% Security fee waiver (conditions apply)

Basic Facilities

  • Spacious and air conditioned/heated classrooms
  • Interactive boards with multimedia in all classrooms
  • Computer, science and robotics lab
  • Large cafeteria with healthy and delicious food
  • Provision of safe, pure and natural drinking water through RO (reverse osmosis) water treatment plant
  • Well stocked library
  • School transport
  • Medical facility
  • Fully equipped security infrastructure
  • Fire life safety system
  • Facility of backup generators

Extra Curricular Facilities

  • Basketball & Tennis courts
  • Cricket, football and hockey fields
  • Amphitheatre
  • Temperature controlled swimming pool
  • Horseback Riding
  • Indoor & outdoor jungle gym
  • Art and design room
  • Free facilities of gymnasium and yoga for mothers only