Kingston College


Public Speaking

Kingston College offers mandatory public speaking classes for its middle and senior school students. 

We believe that public speaking not only helps to develop confidence in students but also equips the students with much needed research, negotiation and problem solving skills that will definitely help them become better learners today and better leaders tomorrow.

We follow a perfectly balanced curriculum which helps in developing students for giving speeches, participating in debates and learning the structure of United Nations and National Assembly meetings and proceedings. 

French Language Programme

Learning a foreign language helps the children learn more about the culture, heritage and history of another country or region. 

The idea of understanding better about each others culture, history and morals subsequently develops a sense of global mindedness, tolerance,  open mindedness and equality amongst the students. 

Kingston College offers an extensive french language programme catering to the students from IB-PYP and Middle School. 

Students who participate in french language programme are regularly assessed both formally and informally to track their progress throughout the year.

Advance Robotics

The world around us is continuously evolving and new technologies are being incorporated every day. To tackle the challenges of the modern world Kingston College has initiated a state of the art robotics programme to cater the students from grade 1 till O-Levels.

Kingston College has established a purpose built robotics lab where students can build their own projects, can alter the already made projects, program and reprogram the devices. 

We believe that in order to keep up with the needs of the modern world, teaching kids about Robotics and Artificial intelligence is a must offer activity.

Sports Clubs

Kingston College understands the fact that holistic development of children is linked with their personal, social, emotional and academic growth.

We at Kingston College have compiled a very comprehensive sports engagement plan that allows the students to participate in at least 4 different sports throughout the year.

Two of these four games are strategically suggested by school after catering in the variables of weather, age and gender whereas the other two games are selected by the students as per their own interest.

Participation in the school sports club is mandatory for all the students. These clubs are conducted by professional coaches specialising in their respective games.