Kingston College

Purpose Built
Campus Features

fool proof

Safety & Security Systems

Kingston College has a state of the art security infrastructure to ensure the safety of your child. Our schools has multi-layered security and in-bound drop off and pick up points allowing only registered cars to enter the school building. After completing a fool proof automatic and manual security check. We have modern safety installations in place including, road blockers, electrical fencing, fire hydrants, smoke detectors, extinguishers, hose reels, CCTV cameras, vehicle e-tags etc. to name a few. 

All these features and installations make Kingston College a safe and secure place for children to enjoy their educational activities.  



We have a huge multi-purpose amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 500 guests. This amphitheatre is a go to selection for any sort of conferences, group exams, exhibitions, school events, morning assemblies, and performing art displays. 

We have conducted many conferences, exam preparation sessions, school events at this place. The amphitheatre is further equipped with the a multimedia projector, motorised automatic projection screen and digital surround sound system.   

state of the art

Science, IT & Robotics Labs

Kingston College understands the importance of modern technology and hands on activities in students learning. We have set up state of the art and purposefully designed IT, Robotics, Biochemistry and Physics Lab. The Labs provide top notch facilities and modern experimentation equipment. 

The labs are supervised by professional lab technicians and subject specialist teachers. Students form Grade 6-11 regulary enjoy the lab sessions whereas early years students are also engaged in experimental projects throughout their academic year. 

Well Equipped


Classrooms are one of the most important factor of school education. We have purpose-build classrooms equipped with multiple exit points, Interactive white board and multimedia projectors, air conditioning and heating units, high brightness LED lights and age appropriate classroom furniture. 

We believe that a comfortable and well equipped classroom guarantees the best learning outcomes for students. All our classroom has a seating capacity of 30 students but we ensure that no more than 25 students are engaged in a single classroom.