Kingston College


Academic Management

Mrs. Naila Farrukh,
Vice Principal / IB Head of School

Naila Farrukh, Vice Principal/IB Head of School

Mrs. Naila Farrukh has been associated with the field of education for over 30 years and has worked in diverse capacities pertaining to academics that include Regional Director, Curriculum Developer, Academic Inspection Team Member, Principal, Headmistress as well as Teacher’s Trainer at various renowned Educational Institutions of Lahore. 

Her multifarious experience as an active practitioner spanning over three decades has immensely broadened her horizons as an educationist. She earned her post graduate certificate in Education from Marjon, University of St. Mark & St. John, Plymouth, United Kingdom and Diploma from University of Bradford, United Kingdom. 

Her visionary & empowering leadership, ability to build a strong team and unwavering resolve to work for the uplift of all stakeholders has enabled her to pioneer several projects successfully. She is indeed an epitome of grace, humility and poise and under her able command and leadership Kingston College shall prosper and carve its own niche.

Ms. Hira Tanweer,
Headmistress (Primary, Middle & IGCSE)

Hira Tanweer, HeadMistress (Primary, Middle & IGCSE)

Hira Tanweer is a diligent, resourceful and devoted educationist with a valuable experience of eleven years in the academics arena. She is an alumna of prestigious institutions of the country with an excellent academic record that includes being a merit scholarship holder and high achiever throughout her tenure at school and gold medalist at Masters Level. 

She has worked in renowned organizations and contributed prodigiously in the realm of school management. Her efforts in this regard have been exemplary and been lauded immensely. Her major role as Headmistress at Kingston College comprises effective implementation of standardized curricula, evaluating teaching strategies and practices, monitoring students’ progress & achievement, ensuring ample parental involvement and reviewing academic policies and procedures. 

She believes in leading from the front, which is evident in her demeanor and disposition as well as her interpersonal skills. Her strong rapports with the students and all respective stakeholders bears testament to her team-leadership style

Ms. Riffat Sharif,
Headmistress (A-Levels)

Riffat Sharif, A - Levels Headmistress

Ms. Riffat carries 20 years’ of experience in education sector. She has worked as as a School Head, Quality Assurance Partner, Trainer and Curriculum developer in Pakistan and UAE.

We welcome her on board as the A-Levels Headmistress. We believe that under her able leadership our A-levels Programme will surely prosper.

Mr. Ali Afzaal,
A-Levels Coordinator

Ali afzaal, A-Levels Coordinator

Educationalist, ACCA with 7 years teaching experience at flagship campuses of The City School and Beaconhouse backed with 3 distinctions in Business Studies and management experience in the field of Audit & Assurance. Ali has joined Kingston College as A levels Coordinator and A levels Business Teacher to embark his milestones with students and parents. We wish him all the best in his new role at Kingston College.

Ms. Ayesha Jebran,
IB PYP Coordinator

Ayesha Jebran, IB PYP Coordinator

Ayesha Jebran is a diligent and success driven primary years educator. She is a distinction holder and holds a Postgraduate degree in Early Years Childhood Education with over six years of progressive experience. 

She built a reputation of a being a compassionate hardworking and passionate teacher within an incredible short span of time. She is currently working at Kingston College as IB PYP Coordinator and is focused on her students’ intellectual and social development.

Early Years

Nazoora Anwar

Ms. Nazoora Anwar
IB-Certified, Early Years Teacher

Nazoora Anwar, IB Certified, Early Years Teacher

Nazoora anwar is a seasoned early years’ teacher having an experience of over 15 years in dealing with early years learners. She has completed her CPED (certificate of professional education) from the University of London. 

She is currently employed at Kingston College as a homeroom teacher for playgroup. She aspires to contribute positively for the progress of her students and create balanced learning opportunities for them. She is a passionate teacher and loves to work with children while using interactive learning methodologies to facilitate conceptual and deep learning.

Ms. Madiha Ilyas
IB-Certified, Early Years Teacher

Madiha Ilyas, IB Certified, Early Years Teacher

Ms. Madiha Ilyas, a dedicated Nursery homeroom teacher, lays the foundation for lifelong learning. With a nurturing approach, she creates a vibrant space where young minds flourish, fostering curiosity and a love for education from the very start.


Ms. Bareeha Ali
IB-Certified, Early Years Teacher

Bareeha Ali, IB Certified Early Years Teacher

Meet Ms. Bareeha Ali, a passionate Kindergarten homeroom teacher. With a warm and nurturing approach, she sparks joy in learning for the youngest minds, creating a foundation for a lifelong love of education.

Ms. Sumeera Haroon
IB-Certified, Early Years Teacher

Sumeera Haroon, IB Certified Early YEars Teacher / Early years coordinator

Sumeera Haroon is a graduate in the field of education. She has taught at renowned institutions since the last eleven years and is now working at Kingston College as an Early Years Expert and Kindergarten Teacher. 

She has received Early Years and Jolly Phonics training by Oxford University Press. She is incredibly passionate about her work and her dedication towards teaching is growing with every passing day.


Hafsa Nadeem,
Early Years Physical Education Teacher

Hafsa Nadeem, Early Years Physical Education Teacher

Ms. Hafsa Nadeem, an Early Years Physical Education Teacher and Swimming Instructor, inspires a love for physical activity. With a dynamic approach, she introduces young learners to the joy of movement and water, fostering essential motor skills and a healthy lifestyle from the early years.

Primary Years

Ms. Amber Jehangir,
IB-Certified Primary Years Teacher

ms. Amber jehangir, IB CERTIFIED Primary YEARS TEACHER

Amber Jehangir is an enthusiastic teacher and a goal-acheiving primary years educator. She holds a postgraduate degree and has been working in the field of education since the last seven years. 

She has built her reputation as a hardworking teacher focusing on building a positive relationship with her students. She is currently working as a homeroom teacher of Class 1 at Kingston College. Her dedication towards teaching and character building of students is growing with every passing day.

Ms. Humda Rehman,
IB-Certified Primary Years Teacher

Ms. Humda Rehman, IB-Certified, primary Years Teacher

Ms. Humda Rehman, a passionate homeroom teacher for PYP 1 in the IB Primary Years Programme. With a background in Early Childhood Education, she creates an inclusive and supportive environment that sparks curiosity and lays the foundation for lifelong learning. Through engaging activities and open communication with parents, Ms. Rehman ensures each young explorer in her class feels valued and excited about their educational journey.

Ms. Sehyr Tarar,
IB-Certified Primary Years Teacher

Ms. Sehyr tarar, IB PYP CERTIFIED, Primary years teacher

Meet Ms. Sehyr Tarar, our devoted PYP-2 homeroom teacher. With a background in Early Childhood Education and a commitment to the IB PYP philosophy, she fosters a dynamic learning environment. Ms. Sehyr prioritizes holistic development, encourages collaboration, and maintains open communication with parents. Her creative and inclusive approach creates a vibrant space where young minds thrive and discover the joy of learning.

Ms. Kinza Sohail,
IB Certified Primary Years Teacher

Ms. Kinza Sohail, IB Certified Primary Years Teacher

Ms. Kinza Sohail, an energetic PYP 2 teacher, ignites curiosity in her students. With a focus on foundational learning, she fosters a dynamic and inclusive classroom. Through engaging activities and open communication, Ms. Sohail ensures each child feels valued and excited about their educational journey.


Anam Jehangir,
IB-PYP Certified Teacher /
Numeracy coordinator

Anam Jehangir, IB-PYP Certified Teacher / Numeracy coordinator

Anam Jahangir is an IB Certified homeroom teacher currently working as a Class 4 Homeroom teacher at Kingston College. She holds a BBA (Hons) degree Major in Finance from Lahore School of Economics. She has been teaching for the past seven years at renowned institutions. Her enthusiastic and intuitive style of teaching helps develop a positive class environment. She has built her reputation as a hard-working and dedicated educator over the years. She endeavors to build positive relationships with all students by giving them individual attention.

Ms. Asima Raffad,
IB-PYP Certified Teacher /
Literacy Coordinator


Asima Raffad is a dedicated and self-motivated teacher who is currently working as Class S homeroom teacher at Kingston College. 

With a Master’s Degree in the field of Literature and teaching experience of eight years, she has strengthened her teaching skills and is consistently looking for innovative ways to develop creativity in her students. Her biggest strength lies in her ability to cater to students’ different personalities and learning styles.

Ms. Carmela Mian,
IB-PYP Certified Music Teacher

Ms. Carmela Mian, IB-PYP Certified Music Teacher

Carmela Mian has graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from De La Salle Manila, Philippines. Her passion for music paved a way for her future as a Music Teacher. 

She has been teaching for the past fifteen years. She earlier taught at renowned schools in Lahore. She is currently teaching Performing Arts at Kingston College.

Ms. Iqra Ahsan,
Primary Years Urdu and Islamiat Teacher

Ms. Iqra Ahsan, IB-Certified, Primary Years Urdu and Islamiat Teacher

Iqra Ahsan is a hardworking and resourceful educator. She is working as a subject teacher at Kingston College with the aim of making her students learn beyond the spectrum. 

Her classroom brims with enthusiasm and happiness as she deals with the individual needs of her students. With a teaching experience of 3 years, her major strength lies in her ability to integrate music, arts and project based activities in her regular lessons.

Ms. Ayesha Ejaz,
Primary Years Urdu Teacher

Ms. Ayesha Ejaz, Primary Years Urdu Teacher

Meet Ms. Ayesha Ejaz, a dedicated Urdu teacher in the Primary Years Programme. With a passion for language education, she creates an engaging environment, fostering a love for Urdu. Through her dynamic teaching style, Ms. Ejaz inspires students to excel in their language skills, making learning both enjoyable and meaningful.

Ms. Batool Arshad,
Library Resource Facilitator

Ms. Batool Arshad, IB Certified, Library Facilitator / ICT Teacher

Ms. Batool Arshad, the PYP Library Resource Facilitator and Digital Literacy Teacher, blends a passion for literature with technology expertise. Inspiring a love for reading and fostering digital literacy, she creates an interactive and enriching environment in the library. Ms. Arshad’s innovative approach equips students with essential skills for the digital age.

Middle School


Ms. Shehna Junaid,
Middle School Mathematics Teacher

Ms. Shehna Junaid, Middle School Mathematics Teacher

Ms. Shehna Junaid, an inspiring Middle School Mathematics Teacher, sparks mathematical curiosity with her dynamic teaching style. Through engaging lessons, she makes complex concepts accessible, creating a positive and vibrant learning environment for her students.

Ms. Syeda Mahnoor Ali,
Middle School Science Teacher

Ms. Syeda Mahnoor Ali, Middle School Science Teacher

Ms. Syeda Mahnoor Ali, a dynamic Middle School Science Teacher, captivates students with her passion for scientific exploration. Through hands-on experiments and engaging lessons, she instills a love for science, making learning both exciting and meaningful.


Ms. Anam Azam,
Middle School English Teacher

Ms. Anam Azam, Middle School English Teacher

Ms. Anam Azam, a dedicated Middle School English Teacher, fosters a love for language and literature. Through innovative teaching methods, she creates an engaging atmosphere where students develop strong communication skills and a lifelong appreciation for the English language.


Mr. Muhammad Rashid,
Middle School Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Muhammad Rashid, Middle School Physical Education Teacher

Meet Mr. Muhammad Rashid, an enthusiastic Middle School Physical Education Teacher dedicated to fostering a holistic approach to health and wellness. With a dynamic teaching style, he not only instills the importance of physical fitness but also emphasizes teamwork, discipline, and skill development. Through engaging activities and personalized coaching, Mr. Rashid inspires his students to embrace an active lifestyle, laying the foundation for lifelong well-being.


Ms. Fakeha Iqbal
IGCSE Mathematics Teacher

Ms. FAKEHA IQBAL, IGCSE Mathematics Teacher

Meet Fakeha Iqbal, Our Dedicated Mathematics Teacher for IGCSE, With a passion for unlocking mathematical mysteries, Fakeha brings years of expertise to our IGCSE program. Her dynamic teaching style, coupled with a deep commitment to student success, ensures an engaging and enriching learning experience. Get ready to conquer IGCSE Mathematics and Additional Mathematics with her expertise by your side.

Ms. Rozeena Gul,
IGCSE Urdu Teacher

Ms. Rozeena Gul, IGCSE Urdu Teacher

Rozeena Gul brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to our IGCSE Urdu program. With a profound understanding of language intricacies and a dedication to fostering a love for Urdu literature, Rozna creates a nurturing environment where students thrive. Get ready to delve into the beauty of Urdu language and literature under Rozna’s expert guidance!

Dr Ali Kamran,
IGCSE Pak Studies and EM Teacher

Dr. Ali Kamran, Paksitan Studies & Environmental Managemenet Teacher

Dr. Ali Kamran, Our Distinguished Teacher for Pakistan Studies and Environmental Management:

With a rich background in academia and a fervent passion for both Pakistan Studies and Environmental Management, Dr. Ali Kamran brings a unique perspective to our classroom. His engaging teaching style, coupled with a deep understanding of these subjects, inspires students to explore and appreciate the cultural heritage and environmental challenges of our nation. Join Dr. Ali Kamran on a journey of discovery and empowerment!


Ms. Amna Ali,
IGCSE Islamiyat Teacher

Ms. Amna Ali, IGCSE Islamiyat Teacher

Amna Ali is passionate about nurturing students’ understanding and appreciation of Islamiyat. With a blend of knowledge, compassion, and dedication, she creates an inclusive and engaging learning environment. Students under her guidance delve deep into the principles and teachings of Islam, fostering both academic excellence and personal growth. Join Amna Ali on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and scholarly exploration!

Mr. Hamas Ashraf
IGCSE Biology Teacher

Mr. Hamas ashraf, IGCSE Biology Teacher

Hamas Ashraf is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of biology among students. With a passion for teaching and a commitment to academic excellence, he creates a dynamic learning environment where students thrive. Hamas brings expertise, enthusiasm, and a love for biology to every classroom session, inspiring students to explore the wonders of the natural world. Join Hamas Ashraf on an exciting journey of discovery and scientific inquiry!

Mr. Saeed Minhas
IGCSE Accounting Teacher

Mr. Saeed Minhas, IGCSE Accounting Teacher

Saeed Minhas is dedicated to empowering students with a strong foundation in accounting principles and practices. With a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching, he fosters an interactive learning environment where students thrive. Saeed’s commitment to academic excellence and personalized attention ensures that each student achieves their full potential in the field of accounting. Join Saeed Minhas on a journey of financial literacy and professional growth!

Mr. Omar Javed,

Mr. Omar Javed, IGCSE ICT Teacher

Omar Javed is committed to providing students with a comprehensive understanding of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). With a blend of expertise and enthusiasm, he creates an engaging learning environment where students develop practical skills and digital literacy. Omar’s innovative teaching methods and real-world applications empower students to excel in an increasingly digital world. Join Omar Javed on a journey of technological discovery and academic success!


Shehroz Khan, A-Levels Physics Teacher

Shehroz Khan, A-Levels Physics Teacher

A physics instructor with a decade of teaching experience. Shehroz Khan takes pleasure and pride in teaching and possesses a remarkable ability to convey complex concepts in a comprehensive and commendable manner. His philosophy of making physics engaging and entertaining involves incorporating interactive activities and hands-on experiments. Through his matchless teaching methodology, he has witnessed his students progressing in confidence and excelling in their knowledge of physics. He is a sensation who continues to redefine the meaning of teaching and enlighten the minds and hearts of students. 

Jawad Amin

Jawad Amin, A-Levels Mathematics Teacher

Jawad Amin, A-Levels Mathematics Teacher

Mr Jawad Amin hold BSc(Hons) Degree in Electrical Engineering, Cambridge Certified A-level CIE, IGCSE, Pearson Edexcel and AQA Mathematics teacher. With more than 6 years Experience in the field of teaching, Currently teaching in prestigious schools of Lahore. Produced an extraordinary result each year were majority of students got A and A* in O&A-level, along with that a Distinction in As-level(9709) mathematics.

Khawaja Yasin, A-Levels Chemistry Teacher​

Khawaja yasin, A-LEVELS chemistry TEACHER

Mr. Khawaja Yasin is a dynamic O/A Level Chemistry teacher with a passion for making learning engaging. With innovative teaching methods and personalized guidance, he achieves outstanding results. Beyond academics, he contributes to community outreach and professional development, shaping well-rounded achievers.

Iram Habib

Iram Habib, A-Levels Biology Teacher

iram habib malik, A-Levels Biology Teacher

Ms.Iram Habib Malik holds a master degree in Biology and has been teaching for over 15 years at prestigious private sector institutions in Lahore. She is a certified O & A level’s Biology teacher and certified with many pragrams from universities of Bradford, Uk, and has been supervising CAIE Biology Practical exams for the british council. She has to her credit O level, IGCSE, and A level topicals and books from different publications. Under her mentorship, her students have produced wonderful CAIE results and have a number of CAIE distinctions to her credit. Being a teacher, she believes “Learning should be fun,” and through her motivational skills, encourage and uplift the morals of her students. “She not only teaches but inspires.”

Fazle Malik, A-Levels CS Teacher

Fazle Malik, A-Levels Computer Science Teacher

Mr. Fazle Maalik is in possession of first class master degree in Computer Science, and has been teaching computer Science for the last 18 years in different prestigious schools of Lahore producing extraordinary results of CAIE A levels . Under his mesmerising mentorship his students brought laurels to their schools excelling in Computer Science.

Naveed Akhtar

NaveedAkhtar, A-Levels IT Teacher

Naveed akhtar, A-Level IT Teacher

Exuberant, Inspiring and Enthusiastic. These are the words which describe our IT lecturer Mr. Naveed Akhtar. Having secured a degree in Software Engineering, Masters and MPhil in Computer Science, Mr. Akhtar has been a prodigious revelation in the field of IT for A Level. Over a teaching career spanning over 16 years, Mr. Akhtar has developed a tradition of producing excellent results by mentoring hundreds and thousands of young minds and his student has acquired a World Distinction back in 2016. His vast theoretical knowledge and a hefty practical exposure makes him the past, present and future of A Level IT.

Hammad Malik, A-Levels Economics Teacher

hammad malik, A-Levels economics teacher

Hammad Malik has a BSc(Hons.) with double majors in Economics & Finance and an M.Phil in Applied Econometrics.

He has been teaching A-levels Economics since 2014 in renowned schools of Lahore. Two of his students obtained CAIE distinctions as top in Province in 2017 and 2019



Mustaeen Billah, A-Levels Accounts Teacher

mustaeen billah, A-Level accounts Teacher

Embark on an academic journey led by our experienced accounting educator, boasting seven years of expertise. As a seasoned member of CPA Ontario and ACCA, our esteemed instructor enriches the classroom with professional knowledge. Committed to creating an engaging learning atmosphere, our instructor simplifies accounting complexities for student comprehension. Establishing meaningful connections fosters a supportive environment conducive to mastering the syllabus and achieving top grades. Elevate your educational experience with dynamic classes, led by our outstanding teacher, and set a course for academic triumph.

Waseem Afzal, A-Levels English Teacher

Waseem afzal, A-Levels English Teacher

Mr. Waseem Afzal holds a masters degree In English Literature and has been teaching for more than 25 Years at various schools in Lahore.

Under his mentorship, his students have produced wonderful CAIE results. As a teacher, his utmost endeavors are to streamline students towards their goals and through motivational skills, he always uplifts the morales of his students.


Rafia Azhar, A-Levels Sociology Teacher

Rafia azhar, A-Levels sociology Teacher

Rafia Azhar, an accomplished educator, holds a degree in Management Science from LUMS and furthered her education at the University of Coruña in Spain, specializing in Communication. With eight years of dedicated teaching experience, she has imparted knowledge to students with a commitment to excellence.

Rafia graces her teaching environment with a remarkable presence, fostering an atmosphere where students thrive. Her exceptional results in CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) reflect her dedication to academic excellence. She passionately teaches sociology, bringing a nuanced understanding of society to her students. Her multifaceted approach aims not only to educate but also to inspire a well-rounded and socially conscious generation.

Khadija Malik, A-Levels Law Teacher

Khadija Malik A-Levels Law teacher

Khadija Malik is a passionate and dedicated Law Lecturer, making her mark in the world of legal education. With a strong commitment to nurturing the legal minds of the future, she currently holds positions as a Law Lecturer at Kingston College.

Khadija’s journey in the field of law has been marked by a deep passion for the subject and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. Her engaging teaching style, combined with a wealth of legal expertise, has inspired and guided numerous students on their academic and professional paths.

Outside the lecture hall, Khadija is an advocate for justice and legal literacy. She actively participates in initiatives aimed at promoting legal awareness and access to justice within her community. 

Khadija Malik is more than a lecturer; she’s a mentor, a legal advocate, and a lifelong learner committed to shaping the future of the legal field.