Kingston College


IB Authorized

Primary Years Program

Kingston College is an authorized IB-World school for the IB-Primary Years Programme. Our Primary Years Programme looks after academic, social and emotional well-being of students. It encourages them to become independent and to take responsibility for their actions. It supports students to gain understanding of the world and to act accordingly. The programme aims to build a strong foundation based on high moral and ethical values. Most importantly, it helps expand the vision of the students to make them more inquisitive, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

We aspire to develop well-rounded students with a character that will enable them to respond to challenges with optimism and an open mind. They are prepared to apply what they have learnt in the class to the real world’s complex and unpredictable situations.

Cambridge & IB Inspired

Middle School Programme

The Middle School Programme has been designed as a coherent and comprehensive curriculum framework that provides academic challenges and develops the life skills of students. The programme allows students to build on their personal strengths to explore the different fields and subjects. It offers opportunities for students to develop their potential, explore their own learning preferences, take appropriate risks and develop a strong sense of personal identity. These years are a critical period in the development of young minds. Success in school is closely related to personal, social and emotional well-being in later years.

Moreover, Kingston College is one of the very few schools in Pakistan offering a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) integrated curriculum. Through STEAM we employ interdisciplinary approach which helps to inculcate 21st century skills in our students. It also equips our students with critical thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning and evaluation so that they can compete with the world of tomorrow.

Cambridge Certified

IGCSE Programme

The Cambridge IGCSE is currently the most popular international qualification in Pakistan for 14 to 16 years old students. IGCSE prepares students for life by helping them develop an insatiable curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. IGCSE is recognised by the world’s best universities and employers, giving students a wide range of options in their education and career.

Cambridge International Examinations is approved by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examination Regulation), the UK government exam regulator and is accepted as equivalent to GCSE in the UK. Cambridge O Level provides learners with an excellent opportunity for academic progression to the Cambridge Advanced Level as well as other advanced equal opportunities.

Cambridge Certified

A-Levels Programme

Kingston College has now introduced the biggest and most valuable A-Levels programme in Lahore. Unlike any other Traditional A-Level Programmes being offered across city, our focus is entirely towards providing a well balanced environment and once in a lifetime experience for our A-Level students. 

Our purpose built campus spread over 20 Acres is home to the most beautiful and well maintained sports facilities, including Cricket Ground with multiple tracks, Football Field, NBA style basketball court, Hard Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, Badminton, Volleyball, Throwball and more.

We not only offer best sports facilities but in order to ensure immersive experience for students we have purpose built labs and state of the art Co-Curricular Infrastructure including, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, IT & Media Labs, Music Room, Gaming Arena, Meeting Room, Amphitheatre and Cafeteria.

Not Only this we have highly recognized and result oriented subject specialist mentors to offer your child best guidance for their preparation regarding their CAIEs.